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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Happy Birthday My Little Princess :)

Hello dearest! It's been quiteeeeee a long time. Yeah, been so busy catching up with stuff, school and many more. Been so busy treasuring every aspects of life. Been so busy wasting time with someone i really love, family and friends. And most of all, been so busy for doing something for  first time. Teheee! Here is my quick post about my beloved little niece, Genevie Rose a.k.a Princess. Hohoho. Now she knows how to get mad everytime you make fun of her name, padahal bru 1 year old (this coming Saturday)! Yeah, 1 year old baby and here is your SURPRISE :D

This little dress catches my eyes but I had some trouble on deciding the size. I finally made up my mind and bought SIZE 1 for her. Since she is just so little and slim. I really love the vintage style and floral pattern. You can say, I'm old school or old fashioned or what so ever, I'm just in love with vintage thingy. Hihi. Till then, see ya again! Be blessed ♥