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Friday, 24 June 2011

Enjoy Listen :D

Say Hello To Goodbye - Shontelle

Hey there stranger, how you been

Feels like I'm standing on the outside looking in

At the mess we left behind
And it's a long way to fall
I gave you everything I had
I gave it all
And then my heart was on the line

I can't hate you

Any longer
I know I'm going to miss you
I'll forget it and let it go.

Say hello to goodbye, cause it's gone forever

No more try, you and I
Not now, not ever
And I'll get by without you
I'm not going back again
I'm not going to lie to you
Cause, that was there and only then.
Say hello to goodbye
Say hello...

And this is how it has to be

Cause it's a deadly combination, you and me
You know it's undeniable
Even though we tried it all
We brought the worst out in each other
I recall
We can't act it anymore

What doesn't kill you

It makes you stronger
And though I'm going to miss you
I'll forget it and let you go

Say hello to good-bye

It's gone forever
No more try, you and I
Not now, not ever
And I'll get by without you
I'm not going back again
I'm not going to lie to you
Cause, that was there and only then.

Say hello to goodbye

Say hello...

And even though the tears will dry

I can't completely disconnect
Couldn't make the compromise
Didn't have a safety net

Say hello to goodbye

Heeey ya ya

Say hello, goodbye

Say hello to good-bye

It's gone forever
No more try, you and I
Not now, not ever
And I'll get by without you
I'm not going back again
I'm not going to lie to you
Cause, that was there and only then.

Say hello, to goodbye

Say hello, to goodbye
Say hello, hello
To goodbye.

Roland Kula,

All the best in your future undertakings ! 
May all the joy and happiness are yours  . 
Do take care always ! Get enough rest and stay cheerful :)

Missing you, always . Love ya :)

Connie ♥

Enjoy Listen :D

Brenda Bianca Bieber..

Abby & I enjoyed this song very much :D Thank you !

Next To You - Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber

Hugs & Kiss Brenda , Connie loves you ♥♥♥

Quotes .

When you are about to in love with two man, choose the second guy. Because if you really love the first guy, you wouldn't fall for the second guy.

-Connie Simon

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Enjoy Listen :D

Dearest sister..

I would like to thank you for the relieving video clips . How i miss to see you & talk to you again . I thank God for the chances to know you personally few years ago and i know there's still a lot of things that i don't know about you . You know the right moment to ask me "how am i doing", "how do i feel".. Thanks sister for being so caring . I pray to God to keep you safe and may all the joy and happiness be with you always . I wish i could tell you this right away in front of you . I miss your comfort hugs & healing advices . I miss you sister .

Much gratitude sister Viviane Vincy Rozer  :)

Meet my love sister Eyan :

Do we look alike? :D

Eyan did this & I love it :)

She's cute right :D

See, US again !

This is our first picture - Tawau 2008

US in our school Batik

Eyan & Gyrle

Ended with love, Gyrle ♥

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

Most of the time, when the *proud* attitude overwhelming me, i quickly close my eyes and pray to God to keep me humble, i dislike the feeling of being proud, i prefer to call it being happy. YES yes yes, it sounds even better when i say I'm happy for my achievement, for the deeds I've done instead of saying, I'm proud for being one of the best students. It's a NO no. So, i prefer to read it in this way :

Something you’re proud happy in the past few days

  1. I'm happy that I'm able to sleep early compare to my last holidays
  2. I'm happy cause i am surrounded by those people who care and being so concern about me
  3. I'm happy that finally i have the gut to say NO to something that i dislike
  4. I'm happy to know that there is someone need me in their life
  5. I'm happy to see how much my nephews has grown up
  6. I'm happy that all QUOTES that i posted inspires peoples to go through their days
  7. I'm happy that I'm able to understand some quotes by experience it all by myself

etc . .

I'm grateful for the air i breathe thank YOU GOD.

I miss talking to you.

Ended with love, Concon

p/s : thank Aki, nice editing and mostly without my prior notice - Bigger eyes :D

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

Hello people ;) Lets continue with day 8. Honestly, i dumped my blog for a few days cause i spent more time reading fashion blogs and reading some motivations quotes online. Sorry for the inconvenience. Lets get to the point, okay, since June is almost come to the end, maybe my so called short-term-goals will be continue until the very end of my too-comforting-long-holidays. So, here it goes..

  1. I want to finish my driving lesson quickly - i want to go out without waiting for my brother to drive me to the mall since he seldom wake up late
  2. I want to learn shoot-ing skills @ photography - so that I'm able to shoot in a proper ways
  3. I want to learn photo editing @ photoshop - i want my picture look freaking perfect like the prof one, hehehe
  4. I want to lose weight, i want to be skinny - so that i can fit all my dresses & jeans and go for shooting
  5. I want to have part time job - gain a little experience besides having own money in my pockets
  6. I want to eat more fruits & veggies & drink more water - renew my dead skins & eliminate toxin from my body
  7. I want to exercise more, swimming, perhaps? - to keep me fitted
  8. I want to get into the university - meet new friends, study again & gain new experience
  9. I want to go and see him - so that i can slap him & bite him for making me misses him so bad

May all the dreams come true ;) Let's work for it ladies :D

Ended with love, Connie

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Quotes .

"Talent is God given. Be humble.
Fame is man-given. Be grateful.
Conceit is self-given. Be careful."

- John Wooden -

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

Hello ! I don't really know what / who has exactly has the biggest impact of me. There is no such things in detail, i think they are many many many. YES ! They are many ..

Firstly, they could be my parents, when it comes to family, i can be very very sensitive, i would cry the whole night till i fall asleep and wake up the next morning with my eyes swelling . HEHE :P There's a time when i got a chance to study in boarding school, my discipline teacher asked me about my family background, i told him and ended up crying . I wouldn't talk about my family in detail, for God's sake, please don't ask me, to those who knows, thank you for understanding . Just so you know, i got a very sporting family :D

 This is Mom's sisters :D My mom is the one that standing on the right side . She's beautiful right ;)

 Grandpa & My Great Daddy

My brother (The guy with purple shirt) & My cousin Jebsen (the one holding the handy-cam)


I just can't stand looking at skinny girl with perfect long leg, slim figure, sexy tight.. awwww ! They are just freaking perfect ! There are so many skinny girls outside. My sisters told me, not all the skinny girls are healthy and same goes to those ladies with an oversize figure, thinking back that could be true. She encourage me to stay fit and healthy without hurting my body by skipping my meals  (I did that, always) and eat only healthy food & do some workouts . Stay healthy lady :D


The first time i got my DSLR, i was super HAPPY since I've been longing for that a very long time AGO . I used to talk about it and google-ing for it with my ladies & guy-friends . Luckily some of my friend could understand me and tell me about the camera and what brands suit me, as a beginner . Thanks again to Abby & Daddy . Not to forget, I thank God for the money money ;$

Looking forward to have my own vintage camera (where can i find them?) and lomo camera . My sister Viviane's lomo camera are super cute, she owned many of them ! 

Cute isn't ?

vintage camera :)

 this look delicious :D

vintage camera :)

eat healthy foods & exercises for a slim figure :D

Lastly, stay HAPPY ladies :D You are too beautiful to frown :)

Ended with love, Con ♥

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Blessed Saturday :D

Aloha ! Having good weekend with my cousins & the kids :') Awake quite late (thanks Abby for waking me up), dressed up & waited for my cousin Ninie to pick me up. Dad was following us too . Rupa-rupanya, mereka ingin menghantar saya belajar memandu . It's been so long when i told my dad that I want to have a driving license . Abby says that my wish come true . Thank you ! Thank you ! :D We had our breakfast nerby the Driving Academy. I had "Mee Soup" for breakfast :)) We headed to the Driving Academy, registered & headed to BATA, bought Ryan new shoes (kasut lama cacat sudah bilang mum dia) . Daddy bought us ICE-CREAM, Rainbow-PaddlePOP hehehe :D (Abby's favourite, me too) .


Ryan joined the "Puzzle Games" with his mommy & I'm baby-sitiing Ryno (si gulet kami)

Here are some of the photos taken during the short moment . .

p/s : Running here & there with the kids makes me sweats ;) getting slimmer :D Kidddddingg :P

5PM - Tg, Batu Beach, having satay :D

630PM - ABF Beach

p/s : Tiring but its worth :D love you guys ♥♥

Ended with love, Gyrle ♥♥♥

Emo-ing HAHA ! I'm KIDDD, I'm KIDDDingggg :D